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                  Chairman Zheng of Nanjing Federation of industry and Commerce and his party visit GUOTAI

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                  On the afternoon of May 7, 2021, Zheng Dewei, vice chairman of Nanjing Federation of industry and commerce, and his party visited GuoTai for inspection and guidance. Wang genbin, chairman of the group, Wu Jian, executive vice president of fire protection, and Jiang Haili, assistant chairman of the board, were accompanied by the reception. The two sides had in-depth communication and exchange in the conference center on the 9th floor of GuoTai (East China) fire protection industrial park, and exchanged views on issues of common concern.

                  At the meeting, chairman Wang genbin first extended a warm welcome to Chairman Zheng and his party. Later, Mr. Wang introduced the development history, achievements and opportunities of GuoTai in detail. Then, Wang elaborated on the systematic planning and development goals of GuoTai in the past five years. GuoTai will step by step and plan to create a big power Taige situation in the next five years. All leaders affirmed the development plan of GuoTai and highly praised the foresight and sagacity of Wang Dong.


                  [photo shows chairman Zheng and his party visiting GuoTai fire emergency science and Technology Museum]

                  After the meeting, Mr. Wang led Mr. Zheng and his party to visit GuoTai fire emergency science and Technology Museum, GuoTai fire National Laboratory and fire intelligent workshop. They had a field experience of the intelligent manufacturing series workshop of GuoTai industrial 4.0. During the visit, all leaders had a deeper understanding of GuoTai product development, manufacturing capability, quality management, etc, The achievements of GuoTai in recent years are fully affirmed and highly appraised. President Zheng and other leaders are full of confidence in the future development of GuoTai and hope that GuoTai will continue to maintain a high-speed development trend and make further progress. Chairman Zheng also said that the Federation of industry and Commerce will build a good platform for enterprises, strengthen services, solve problems and difficulties in the development of enterprises, and contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises.


                  [photo shows chairman Zheng and his party visiting GuoTai intelligent manufacturing workshop]

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